Last modified: 17 August 2015

All teachers at BCS are language instructors and all students are language learners, regardless of what language they are speaking at home or country they come from. Each student has his or her own background and their unique contributions, which is crucial for defining their cognitive development and in maintaining their cultural identity.

At BCS we make a commitment to our students and parents to provide a learning community that promotes and supports language development in a multilingual environment that fosters confident, creative and responsible learners through inquiry based instruction.

The first foreign language for most students at our school is either English or German. Already in grade 5, students choose Spanish or French as their second foreign language. Starting grade 9, Spanish and French can be chosen as one of the four elective subjects offered.

Spanish, French and Chinese can be selected as an afternoon activity within our Extracurricular Programme.

BCS employs an innovative programme called Accelerative Integrated Methodology (AIM) to teach languages. Learn more at the BCS AIM Blog.