Last modified: 29 June 2018

The Information Technology (IT) curriculum at the Berlin Cosmopolitan School equips students with the tools needed to effectively use computer systems to retrieve, create and exchange knowledge and to become responsible digital citizens that can navigate what is today a ubiquitous and vast online world.

IT has close ties to maths, the sciences, art and design; but is set apart by a set of unique ways of thinking and working through complex problems. These essential concepts of computer science—abstraction, logic, algorithms and data representation—are what we teach our students beginning in Grade 4 in order to prepare them for a digital landscape where not only maths and sciences are dominated by technology, but also fields such as the arts and humanities. BCS also seeks to teach our students to be responsible digital citizens that respect the written and unwritten rules that underpin online communication and protect the rights and privacy of others.

A robust IT infrastructure is in place to support the curriculum including media labs for both primary and secondary schools with over 75 desktop and tablet computers (iPads), SMARTboards in every classroom and school-wide wireless internet access. In addition to the school’s computers, students can access the school-wide WLAN using their own devices (currently limited to Grades 9-12).


The aim of our IT curriculum is to provide students with the ability to:

  • competently and confidently use technology in order to solve real-world problems
  • analytically evaluate new technologies and use them creatively to answer questions
  • work collaboratively and cooperatively using technology
  • live safely and responsibly in an online environment

Medienbildungskonzept (Media Education Plan) of the Berlin Cosmopolitan School


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