Last modified: 20 May 2021

Abitur BerlinAt the end of grade 12, students may take the exams for the bilingual Abitur. The Abitur diploma is awarded by the State of Berlin.

The two years of Upper Secondary School consist of a qualification phase and the final exams at the end of grade 12. The general performance, which is achieved in the qualification phase (grades 11 & 12) as well as the results of the Abitur examination form the final grade.

Students of grades 11 and 12 choose between three subject areas: Languages, Social Sciences, (e.g. History, Geography, Philosophy and Economics), as well as Mathematics and Sciences, (e.g. Maths, Physics, Biology and Chemistry).

The final examinations consist of five components: three written exams, one oral exam as well as a presentation of a “particular achievement”.

Bilingual Abitur – Courses