Last modified: 2 February 2022

What role does Science & Technology have at Berlin Cosmopolitan School?

Our school provides academic and non-academic opportunities for students to become exposed to the sciences. Our science department gives students the experience they need in order to become curious, inquisitive young learners. In order to bolster their scientific knowledge, students should gain hands-on practical experience with scientific phenomena in the laboratory.  

Is it important for children to be involved in Science?

Studies show that early exposure to science is linked to stronger academic achievement. Students who engage with science learn to think critically, to develop hypotheses and test them, and to apply consistent thinking to a variety of contexts — all skills which are invaluable in real-world settings. At BCS we encourage the natural curiosity of students and acknowledge the deeply rewarding pursuit of science.

What else do you offer your students relating to Science & Technology?

BCS offers a variety of science-based extra-curricular clubs including Science Club, the Maker Breaker Club, and 3D Printing Club. BCS students regularly participate in competitions including the Science Olympiad and Jugend Forscht. One BCS student has even attained first prize in the Berlin round of Jugend Forscht for his work in developing new plastic alternatives.