Last modified: 4 May 2021

Berlin Cosmopolitan School is closed for only 26 days of the year. During most school holidays, we offer an exciting and diverse vacation programme for students in grades 1-6. The programme not only varies with the seasons, but also offers age-appropriate and culturally diverse activities. We offer trips around the city; art, media and music projects; nature experiences as well as sports events. Nature and cultural science workshops are also fun highlights on offer.

Our past Vacation Programme Projects included:

  • Bookbinding workshops
  • Snowman competitions
  • Volcanic experiments
  • Hours of playing outdoors or in the gym
  • Trips to parks, farms and forest school
  • Students’ own film productions and plays
  • Cinema
  • Easter crafts
  • Scavenger hunts

Students are not only welcome to choose between different activities and pursue not only their own interests, but also have the chance to discover entirely new ones.

Besides daily lunches, children are provided fruits and drinks.