Last modified: 12 June 2019

Sports is a major focus at Berlin Cosmopolitan School, because we believe that physical education enriches students’ lives, encourages team work, enhances coordination, skills and endurance and promotes the positive attributes of the Learners’ Profile.

We currently offer the following sport activities during school hours in our Primary School:

Grade 1: Basics, fundamentals, games

Grade 2: Basics, fundamentals, games

Grade 3: Swimming

Grade 4: Judo, basics and ice skating

Grade 5: Basics, basketball and ice skating

Our rich Extracurricular Programme currently offers more than 25 different sports clubs with partner sports associations in the afternoon.

In order to enable BCS students to play sports on a more competitive level, the school’s own sports association Central Hoops Berlin Cosmopolitan has been established. In addition, BCS is a member of Berlin Sports Schools Conference (BSSC), where our students have the chance to compete against other international schools.

BCS students also take part regularly in soccer, judo and swimming competitions in Berlin.