Last modified: 4 May 2021

The aim of the Mathematics curriculum in our Primary School is to strive for enjoyment and excellence in mathematical applications and to provide students with the skills to communicate their mathematical thinking confidently and effectively. Students are given the opportunity to develop the knowledge and skills required to apply mathematics in the world and learn to recognise links between mathematics and other subject areas.

Our curriculum is based upon the Berliner Rahmenplan (Berlin State Curriculum) and the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (PYP).

In addition to normal class tests and quizzes, students’ individual mathematical progress is assessed three times per year by MAP Testing. This method shows us as a school where our students are placed in comparison to international schools worldwide and allows teachers to closely supervise and support each student’s development in this subject area throughout the school year by integrating differentiated resources to challenge all students at their personal level.

Our curriculum uses a variety of textbooks and websites, depending on student ability. Emphasis will mostly be on ‘using and applying mathematics to solve problems’. Students undertake numerous problem-solving exercises, investigations, puzzles and games. They will learn to work in a systematic and logical way, appreciating the power and beauty of Mathematics along the way.

All classrooms are equipped with interactive SMARTboards, individual whiteboards, worksheets, books, counting cubes and measuring equipment. In grades 4 & 5 students enjoy weekly ICT Maths lessons using Mathletics software that is designed to improve students’ understanding of core mathematical principles. Within the classroom we see to it that a three tier differentiation process is in operation. This ensures that all students have a positive and profitable experience in their learning.

Differentiated learning as well as nurturing mathematical talents

We have different Math Clubs on offer, where both gifted and talented students as well as students who find maths challenging can get individually targeted support to further progress their inquiring minds. Gifted and talented students take part in both national and international Maths competitions such as Kangaroo and the Maths Olympiade.