Last modified: 4 May 2021

Berlin Cosmopolitan School is a bilingual school (English/ German), where all teachers are also language instructors. Every child is a language student, regardless of the language they speak at home and their country of origin. They all have their own cultural heritage and contribute this in a unique way, which is crucial for their cognitive development and the preservation of their cultural identity. English is the language that unites our community.

For this reason, our school is committed to create a learning environment that encourages and supports language development in a multilingual environment. This approach, combined with a learning methodology based on personal initiative, promotes the development of students into self-confident, creative and responsible individuals. Spanish or French is offered as a second foreign language from grade 5 onwards.

As part of our Extracurricular Programme, Spanish, French and Chinese can be chosen as of grade one onwards.

BCS is the first school in Berlin to use the Accelerative Integrated Methodology (AIM) for French and Spanish since 2013 – a very innovative and successful method of modern language acquisition. Research has shown, that with the help of AIM, languages are learned better, faster and with lots more fun. You can learn more about this on our BCS YouTube .