Hot Topic Club auf Exkursion_Berlin Cosmopolitan School_Extracurricular Programme

As part of their discussion about the future of communications technology, the Hot Topic Club visited the Museum of Communication on June 11 and the VR Lounge at Potsdamer Platz on June 25. The first provided students with some perspective with regard to the past impact technological innovations on our society.

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Exkursion_Biologie_Leistungskurs_Berlin Cosmopolitan School

On Monday, June 24, our 11th graders (Biology Abitur-LK) investigated ecosystem forest and lake in Brandenburg’s beautiful landscape. The students compared the diversity of plant and animal species of different ecosystem. They also measured abiotic factors such as temperature, humidity and pH in various locations.

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Grade 8_Gläsernes Labor_Berlin Cosmopolitran School_Science_Naturwissenschaften

Last week, the 8th grade students had the special opportunity to work as scientists for two days in the laboratories of the Gläsernes Labor in Buch. On one day they participated in Chemistry workshops to try different methods of extracting scents from various natural substances, and in one instance, synthetically generate esters that artificially mimic the scents of fruits and sweets.

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