Grade 8_Gläsernes Labor_Berlin Cosmopolitran School_Science_Naturwissenschaften

Last week, the 8th grade students had the special opportunity to work as scientists for two days in the laboratories of the Gläsernes Labor in Buch. On one day they participated in Chemistry workshops to try different methods of extracting scents from various natural substances, and in one instance, synthetically generate esters that artificially mimic the scents of fruits and sweets.

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Environmental Club_Cosmo for Future_Berlin Cosmopolitan School

The Environmental Club has printed ‘Cosmo for Future’ t-shirts (designed by Diva) at the BCS Summer Show and on a number of occasions after school in order to increase awareness for the importance of taking action to stop global warming and protect our environment, as well as to raise money for club activities and charity.

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IB Group 4 Project_Berlin Cosmopolitan School_Science_Naturwissenschaften

On May 27-28th, the 11th grade IB students participated in an IB collaborative activity called group 4 project. Our school hosted 16 IB students from LDVC IB School Nauen. Together they have carried out various experiments that connected the fields of Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

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