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The international team of Berlin Cosmopolitan School is looking forward to give all interested families an insight into our Primary and Secondary School on Wednesday, Februar 26 from 8:30 – 10:00 am at our main Campus Rückerstraße 9.

Please understand, we have a limited capacity of 50 participants and the event welcomes Grade 2 – 11 applicants. Due to an overwhelmingly high volume of applications for our upcoming Grade 1, we specifically do not focus on this grade level.

Welcome to BCS!

With over 20 000 teams worldwide, the VRC robot competitions are one of the most popular amongst students. See press release here.

In 2020, Berlin Cosmopolitan School (BCS)will host the Berlin qualifications on January 10, 2020 for the German final.

A total of five teams from various schools in Berlin, including one from BCS, will play for the title in our Assembly Hall. The winning team will move on to the National Finals at TU Berlin at the end of February 2020.

Good Luck to all participants!

Sustainability was this year’s Founders’ Week main focus. In the week from November 18th to 22nd 2019, the students had the opportunity to take part in a large number of workshops and lectures and thus learn more about companies with an environmental or sustainability focus.

The week started with an all-day Dragons Den workshop for grade 6 & 7 students. A VW Van should be used as a basis for the conception of a Social Enterprise. The ideas were presented at the end of the day in front of a jury: Heiko Butz (koawach), Constantin Schmutzler (Berlin Startup School), Gregor Black (WE DO Communication) and Melina Hanisch (IHK) were very impressed by the students’ work and even chose two winning teams!

On Tuesday Nina Wood, founder of iaio, an organic bed linen company from Berlin, came to visit. She talked about her founding experiences and the students had the opportunity to develop their own bed linen designs.

During their second visit on Wednesday, the IHK reported on their work and support for entrepreneurs. Heiko Butz was also there again and reported this time about his experiences as a young founder.

Thursday was dedicated to environmental protection. Hannah Cheney, co-founder of HALM, reported how a relaxing holiday in Asia became a life-changing experience and a starting point for her company. The glass straws she develops, designs and distributes with her partner were the first of their kind on the German market.

The initiative of the students was also in demand on Friday. In order to make the school more sustainable, a group of grade 9 & 10 students was led through an Innovation-On-Demand workshop. Carsten and Yvonne Niepelt from the patent law firm Niepelt came to visit and helped the participants to develop a new concept for the cafeteria. The aim was to eliminate food waste and educate students to be more aware of food.

The week was a great success. The students showed deep interest and initiative, the founders were thrilled about the enthusiasm and knowledge of the students: both groups profited from lively discussions and exchanges of ideas.

A special thank you goes to the wonderfully supportive entrepreneurs:
Heiko Butz – Koawach
Constantin Schmutzler – Berlin Startup School
Gregor Blach – WE DO Communication
Melina Hanisch – Chamber of Industry and Commerce
Nina Wood – IAIO
Hannah Cheney – HALM
Yvonne and Carsten Niepelt – Patent Law Firm Niepelt

See you back next year, with new lectures and new inspiration!

We are proud to offer this workshop held by the founder of AIM, Wendy Maxwell, for teachers of French, Spanish and English as Second Language.

Accelerative Integrated Methodology, short AIM, teaches vocabulary through visual, auditory and kinesthetic tools engaging all senses.

Please find all information about the registration process here.