We celebrated our official First Grader Welcome, where our youngest students met their class teachers, rang the school bell in front of friends and family and went to their classroom for their ‘first lesson’. The second grade choir took the audience to a journey to Peter Pans Neverland.

As one can see, everyone is excited to start their first year at BCS.  

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On Saturday Sep 17, 2011 two young bike racers of our school started at "Fette Reifen Rennen (Fat Tire Race) " in Berlin Kladow. We met with parents and starters at S-Bahnhof Messe Nord / ICC, and rode about 15 km to the cycling event in Kladow to warm up for the race.

Our young riders rode successfully in various age groups (8-10 and 11-13 years) a round trip of 6 km or 4 km. The following weekend, on Saturday and Sunday Sep 24 & 25, 2011 our riders also took part in a race in Straussberg.

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