During this one-day outdoor excursion, all of our secondary school students and their teachers had a chance to get to know eachother a little better in the beginning of the new school year. The trip was organized by professionals who are passionate about rowing and who are especially devoted to working with teenagers. This day turned out to be a great success, as everyone worked together as a team and really enjoyed themselves, despite the terrible weather. 

Rowing is a sport in which teamwork is essential and rowers quickly learn that there are no individual stars – every individual plays an important role.

Our youngest members of the Central Hoops Berlin Cosmopolitan basketball teams  showed their best regarding coordination, ball skills, catching, passing, dribbling and shooting, whilst laughing and having lots of fun. In the first half, our boys needed some time to get into game but then they really caught up in the second half. What an exciting game and extraordinary team spirit!

Central Hoops Berlin Cosmopolitan vs. BBC 90 Köpenick – 28:26

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