Last modified: 16 May 2022

A Music Teacher within the Teaching Team of BCS Kindergarten & Preschool

Field of work: Kindergarten of EBS Europäische Bildungsstiftung gGmbH

Working hours: 40 hours per week, Monday – Friday

Berlin Cosmopolitan School is seeking an Early Childhood Music and Support Educator to join our Kindergarten and Preschool campus located at Invalidenstraße 130, 10557, Berlin. The Early Childhood Music and Support Educator will be responsible for teaching music classes to children from ages 1 through 6 throughout our 18 homogenous groupings of children (class sizes of 13-22 children depending upon their age) ages 1-6 and six afternoon extracurricular music clubs. Teaching responsibilities will include teaching music with a very strong emphasis on incorporating theories and best practices working closely with the Heads Team, the DSI Coach and colleagues working as group educators to support the musical development of all children within the Kindergarten and Preschool within music classes, extracurricular music clubs and musical small groups under the guidance of our DSI Coach during regular programming weeks (approx. 35-38 weeks per year).  During vacation programming weeks and emergency care weeks, the Early Childhood Music and Support Educator will be assigned to cover group teachers for holidays as a Support Educator.


  • Part of an educational team of an international kindergarten focusing on professional play based implementation of our BCS Kindergarten and preschool general and music curriculum
  • Promotion and further development of the positioning as a German-English premium institution within Berlin (excellence) regarding the support of the development and education of children in a play-based environment with a theme based curriculum whilst creating provocation-based, transdisciplinary learning opportunities with music
  • Low threshold communication with group teachers and parents of children with additional needs (i.e., support plan development, Integration status process & child protection related matters)
  • Collaboration of ideas and commitment toward further development of a high-performance team regarding the support of all children
  • Implementation and realisation of BCS’s pedagogical music standards with the group, year group and entire team (curriculum implementation, development reports, development talks, support plans, differentiation, language acquisition, etc.)
  • Handling of written and oral communication with colleagues and parents in either English and/ or German
  • Maintenance and further development of pedagogical quality regulations of EBS Europäische Bildungsstiftung gGmbH 
  • Support for kindergarten management and cooperation with the curriculum coordinators, diversity sensitive inclusion coach, support teachers, group teachers, and administrative department 
  • Observance and further development of BCS’s quality policy and mission statement with regards to internationally-minded principles 
  • Close, professional and trustful cooperation with colleagues working in the Kindergarten & Preschool team 

Professional qualifications:

  • Bachelor in Early Childhood Education with additional music education trainings or 
  • Bachelor in Music Education with experience teaching children ages 1-6
  • Music Educator certification/recognition. US K-12 equivalent 
  • 3 years of early childhood and/or music education teaching experience

Desired qualifications:

  • Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education, Music or Music education
  • 5 years of early childhood and/or music education teaching experience
  • Book 1 Suzuki teacher training in violin or other instruments.  Books 1-4 preferred.
  • Suzuki early childhood education teacher training prenatal through preschool
  • Gordon Institute for Music Learning Level 1 Certificate
  • Early Childhood Music and Movement Association Level 1 Certificate 
  • Experience with Music Mind Games pedagogy

Classroom Management:

  • Fulfil Hygiene, Health and Safety and cleanliness objectives in music/theatre room
  • Health & Safety management with forms provided by administration
  • Ability to provide a structure of the weeks and months for children in regards to music
  • Organisation, structuring, presenting and excellent care of music learning resources
  • Celebration of special days and festivities through music with all groups
  • Information / dissemination structure to involve parents with the music curriculum
  • Respect of deadlines (orders, music development reports, planning sheets, year book, etc)

Curriculum Delivery:

  • Reflective Planning and Implementation of transdisciplinary theme based learning and creation of differentiated provocations through music
  • Good care of curriculum resources
  • Informing parents of curriculum objectives and milestones of individual children, maintaining an actual portfolio documenting milestones (digital and analogue)
  • Conduct of age appropriate, milestone and curriculum-related field trips
  • Preparation of children for additional classes and clubs
  • Communication with teaching colleagues in order to maintain a differentiated approach towards individual children during music lessons and clubs
  • Knowledge and implementation of the fostering empathy and steps to problem solving curriculum designed by BCS Kindergarten and Preschool
  • Development of participation of children in the performance studio (music room) and implementation of consent approach with children

Music Specific:

  • Teaching children from age 1 through 6 in groups ranging from 9-22 children
  • Collaboration regarding music integration with other members of the BCS team
  • Providing an inviting, exciting, innovative, learning environment
  • Work and collaborate closely with group teachers
  • Support music integration concepts in morning circles
  • Produce regular acculturation experiences for children and families
  • Keep records and reporting regularly on the tonal, rhythmic, vocal, and audiation development of each child
  • Development and design of music classes and musical enrichment clubs
  • Coordination of regular performance opportunities for children
  • Participate in planning and execution of school events and children assemblies
  • Collaboration with the primary music department

Diversity-sensitive approach:

  • Understanding the importance of differentiation and personalized learning
  • Awareness of different cultural and family backgrounds and interventions
  • Following anti-bias pedagogy
  • Incorporates parents’ contributions
  • Active participation in team meetings and development of innovative teaching strategies in an international, open-minded, play-based environment
  • Identification of trends and needs of children and teachers and communication of those to heads team


  • Ability to be flexible with shift change, support group teachers as coverage in urgent need cases
  • Providing team members with professional feedback on team work and teaching strategies
  • Focus on agenda in team meetings
  • Ability and willingness to communicate with every member of the Kindergarten & Preschool staff team including non-pedagogues
  • Mentoring & welcoming new staff members
  • Providing feedback after trial days of prospective teachers
  • Supporting interns in their training

Human resource & idea management & professional development:

  • Advice and support for team of teachers, when possible
  • Sharing improvement ideas & feedback with heads
  • Awareness of conflicts and solutions for teachers and parents
  • Advancement of professional skills using further education 
  • Leading team meetings on special focus field music topics
  • Processing of working hours and times absent 
  • Assistance and representation of other team member in the group or year group team in their absence (amongst other things: coordination tasks like action and vacation planning) 
  • Assistance in the coordination and organisation of further educational training regarding special focus field

Communication with parents:

  • Development meetings and reports
  • Planning and conducting of parent evening
  • Promoting the collaboration and cooperation with parents and group teachers towards the differentiated development and education of each individual child
  • Provision of information, displays and digital

Administrative tasks: 

  • needs assessment
  • evaluation
  • Cooperation with authorities and service providers
  • Promotion of all physical, cognitive, social-emotional needs
  • Processing of correspondence 
  • Assistance in the implementation and adherence of legal requirements 
  • Quality management 

Direct superiors authorised to issue directives:

  • Management
  • Heads of Kindergarten and Preschool

On equal terms with:

  • colleagues in the team of the kindergarten and preschool

Authorised to issue directives to:

  • interns in the Kindergarten & Preschool 

In the case of vacation or absence, will be represented by:

  • another member of the teachers’ team of the Kindergarten and Preschool or BCS music department 

Communication and cooperation relationships:

The professional employee of the kindergarten must maintain a communication and cooperative relationship with following persons and institutions:

  • with management, resp. CEO 
  • with heads 
  • with employees of the kindergarten and preschool
  • with legal authorities in the kindergarten and preschool sector & community (Kiez)
  • with the children of the kindergarten 
  • with parents

To demonstrate interest, please send your CV no later than Tuesday, May 31st to:  

With MUSIC Applicant – (last name) in the SUBJECT line.