Last modified: 29 November 2017

Google Scholar is a great place to begin your research, but it does come with its own set of pros and cons.


Google Scholar Strengths Google Scholar Weaknesses
  • Getting the “big picture” of the scholarly discourse around a topic.
  • Viewing books, articles, conference proceedings, and more in one list.
  • Determining authors and publications in an area of interest.
  • Tracking down incomplete citations.
  • Limiting and sorting results by type (eg. peer reviewed articles, full-text, reviews).
  • Searching within a specific discipline
  • Browsing by journal title.
  • Doing a comprehensive search for a literature review.
  • Using controlled vocabulary to search by subject.
  • Emailing lists of search results.
Table 1. Google Strengths & Weaknesses, from NYU Libraries. Advanced Google Searching: Google Scholar. NYU Libraries. New York University. 29 Nov 2017.<>.