A special guest has been at the Berlin Cosmopolitan School since the beginning of October. Julie, a French student from Lyon, is staying in Berlin with Karolin’s family until middle December. The two girls met through the French-German Youth Office (OFAJ-DFJW) a few months ago. Julie decided to come to Berlin to improve her German and discover a new culture at the same time. Karolin is eager to spend 2 months in France with Julie in February and March 2018.

As well as the benefits of travelling to a new country and learning about new cultures it is also an opportunity to make friends. The two girls enjoy spending time together after school, sharing activities during the weekend and travelling together (they travelled together during the October break). They are very happy to share their experiences with each other and they have made a lot of fun memories already.
If you would be interested in taking part in a French-German Exchange or just want to know more about it, please visit the fgyo website or send an e-mail to Ms Rivoire: rivoire@cosmopolitanschool.de

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