German as an additional language

Our students come from all over the world. In total, people from about 45 nations learn and teach under the roof of the Berlin Cosmopolitan School. Every language and every culture is welcome and may be used at any time.

However, our school language is English and it is very important to us that each student has a good command of German as a language. However, for many of our students, both German and English are foreign languages and they need to learn both languages from scratch. Our teachers are specially trained to teach our students both English and German.

The goal of the German as an additional language (GLD) course is for students with little to no knowledge of German to learn it quickly. Once they have reached a good level, they can join the regular German classes. 

Students receiving GLD support work in separate classrooms in small groups while regular German classes are held for their classmates. Small groups allow for a comfortable atmosphere for learning where peers are supportive.

The first goal is to strengthen interpersonal communication skills so that students gain the skills to participate in social interactions within the class. Other topics build on this foundation. With confidence, the tasks expand into building language skills, such as grammar or stylistic confidence, so that the student can move into regular German classes.

GLD in Primary School

In primary school we offer special GLD lessons and support our students to develop their German skills. The children for whom German is an additional language are taught German in a small group with a GLD teacher.

These classes are designed to help students develop their language and literacy skills while developing an understanding of the curriculum. GLD specialists work closely with classroom teachers to develop differentiated instruction and support to help their students access the regular curriculum and accelerate their learning. 

GLD in the Secondary School

Students with needs can participate in our GLD programme for German language acquisition. This programme focuses on the development of German language skills, covering similar content to regular German classes. This means that students study similar literature and topics that focus on the same contexts as their peers. The goal is for them to develop their speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills.

Students also receive support from GLD specialists as needed during other subjects. This allows us to provide targeted mentoring so that no gaps in learning can occur.