Müggelsee Nature Learning Site

New first grade at the extracurricular learning site Müggelsee and Mitte

The tried and tested bilingual concept uses nature at Müggelsee as a third educator. The Berlin Cosmopolitan School has almost 20 years of experience in building a bilingual kindergarten, preschool, primary school and a successful high school. With the growing digitalisation, Berlin Cosmopolitan School has successfully integrated IT education and media literacy into the curriculum from Grade 1. During the pandemic, Berlin Cosmopolitan School was therefore able to teach online on the first day of closure. Berlin Cosmopolitan School extends the existing model and does not only teach in a building. Berlin Cosmopolitan School teaches in nature. Therefore, our students in the first two classes will find their learning spaces in Berlin Mitte and in nature.

Catering and clubs take place at the respective teaching location. Transport is organised daily. Buses will take the children to where they are taught: both in Mitte and at Müggelsee in the forest. Meeting point: Daily Rückerstraße 9, 10119 Berlin Bus stops also at Alexanderplatz/ Schöneweide. Our income-related fees include the cost of the bus.

We put our focus on nature

With this project, we are consciously putting our focus on nature and the ecological challenges of our time. We have set ourselves the goal of transforming the existing hotel building into a climate-neutral place of learning for leisure, education and work for young and old in the next few years.

To make this happen, we want to work with the political and community business communities to develop a new place of learning where all children and young people can develop into compassionate and lifelong learners in an inclusive and equal-opportunity way. We will also continue to offer interesting packages for our adult guests of the hotel and resort, which we will complement with seasonal package offers.


Promoting individual competencies

Our learning methods and learning content in nature promote core competencies such as problem solving or team spirit. The tasks that lifelong learners explore will carry them into their environment and into the world. In this way, our Nature Campus at Müggelsee can also make a positive contribution to solving ecological challenges.

This is how you can reach us at Müggelsee


Müggelheimer Damm 145

12559 Berlin-Köpenick 

Primary Experiences in Nature

How it all began for us: We place special emphasis on activities that take place in nature. Our forest school has its cradle in our BCS programme of extracurricular learning and has grown out of this curriculum since 2003. As a learning organisation, we will continue to align this concept with current research and adapt it to changing needs, together with teachers and learners.

Since 2003, we have regularly gone out into nature, where we gather and teach through primary experiences in the community and through individual exercises. At each stage of development of the pupils, pre-school and kindergarten children, we use nature in our vicinity as a third educator to develop social, emotional and physical skills.

Our educators regularly spend time with children in nature and have developed our concept for several age groups. In 2017, based on almost 15 years of experience, we founded our own forest school on our own piece of forest and published the concept in our own book “Waldtage” 2022.

Our forest school and nature school are schools for every age group. This can be done in different ways for example through outdoor lessons, horticulture or excursions to nearby and more distant nature.

Our nature school is compatible with the school and kindergarten because it is a way to connect the pupils, pre-school and kindergarten children with nature. This enables children and young people to learn more about nature and understand it better.

Learning in nature helps pupils, pre-school and kindergarten children in different ways. Firstly, they can understand and retain things better in nature because they learn with all their senses and because they also learn in a stress-free and pleasant environment.

In addition, our pupils, pre-school and kindergarten children build a positive and lasting relationship with the natural world through our nature school. They thus automatically know, appreciate, engage with and protect nature today and in the future.

Without a lot of stimuli, spending time in nature does them good and so nature also has a positive effect on their general well-being – the body, mind and soul.