We support our students in all questions

We see each of our students as unique. This is why our school counselling plays a key role in our daily life. Our curricular and extracurricular offers are closely interwoven. This means that the students are constantly in close contact with trusted people who see the individual person. In this way, our experienced teachers can directly take up challenges and also address them if a difficult situation should arise. In most cases, there is no need to go to a confidant because the group is in constant exchange with each other.

At the same time, our teachers make sure that gaps in performance do not arise in the first place.

Students, parents and teachers are also welcome to take advantage of our school counselling programme.

Through preventive workshops and counselling support for students with specific social or emotional problems, we make our school a healthy and balanced learning environment.

Contact School Couunceling

Dr. Martina Heinrich
Psychologist, Career Counselor

Our Conviction

  • All students have the ability to find satisfaction, purpose, growth and quality in their lives.
  • We recognise and nurture the individual abilities, talents and interests of our students.
  • All students are treated with dignity and respect.
  • All pupils learn through different activities what it means to live in a rapidly developing and increasingly digitalised world.
  • All pupils learn through primary experiences what it means to protect nature and our environment.
  • Our students grow up to be open-minded adults who want to help shape what happens in the world.