Our school library offers books for every age group

The BCS library houses around 15,000 titles for all ages and reading abilities – and BCS students love to read! The colourful library is located on the first floor of the school building and is open daily from 8.30am to 5pm to support our students in PYP, IBDP or A-level. Students can read and study in a quiet atmosphere and on comfortable sofas. Our growing collection of resources in English, German, Spanish and French is looked after by our librarian Mr McIllwain. From pop-up books to magazines, newspapers to online databases, the library has something for everyone.

PYP classes visit the library once a week as a regular part of their timetable. This gives them the opportunity to borrow books, get information, browse the collection and read, read, read! As lifelong learners and explorers, BCS students help shape the school library and actively contribute to its development and growth.

Subject Guide & Bibliographies:

Primary School (PYP)

Secondary School