We develop and support talents individually and holistically

We design the support of our students taking into account their individual preferences and needs. Our goal is to enable our students to develop their full potential and live a successful and happy life in harmony with the earth and the people of all nations. They are prepared for digital innovations as well as for the current problems arising from climate change. Our teaching is specially designed to meet the individual needs of our students. This means that we support children and young people holistically.

There are daily opportunities for our students to deepen individual tasks and exercises from the lessons with teachers. This learning support is available to all students as part of a daily workshop programme.

Pupils whose abilities are above average also receive special support.

Support also means learning through primary experiences! Here are a few examples: We go into the forest with all our senses and experience nature there, for example, by teaching the pupils how to build shelters. We work in teams in the Robotics AG on robots that we build ourselves and with which the pupils take part in championships throughout Germany. Or the students travel to other countries to get to know the culture and people there as part of our sports exchange programme.

What is on offer?

An individual offer that is adapted to the needs of the students:

  • We adapt the content, the teaching methodology or the delivery of the lesson.
  • We address the unique needs of the student resulting from a learning difference.
  • We ensure that students meet our educational standards.
  • Our goal is an equitable and inclusive education for all.