Last modified: 19 October 2020

BCS Kindergarten & Preschool is a place where all pedagogues, children and parents work collaboratively to foster an internationally-minded early years learning culture for our youngest of children ages 1-6. Using a play-based approach focused on the personal, social, emotional and physical development of children, we capitalize on the natural curiosity and intrinsic eagerness of children to learn.

We consider it extremely important to continuously foster a loving environment where individual children’s talents, interests and cultural backgrounds are taken into consideration and are encouraged. With our dynamic pedagogical team, an exceptional early years curriculum, the ability to offer an enriching learning atmosphere and with continuous parental partnerships in place, we truly believe that we are inspiring positive change in our diverse and dynamic world.

German and English languages are integrated into the daily routine from year one by mother tongue German and English teachers in an effort that both languages become quite natural to the children, a process that begins at the time of enrollment.

The basis for this is the implementation of the concept of early immersion. For over thirty years, this method has been tried and tested in many countries around the world. Research shows that an early start with immersion teaching aims for the best results in achieving bilingualism and general academic performance.

We are looking forward to meeting you and your child(ren).

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