Last modified: 9 November 2015

BCS Early Years is a place where all teachers, children and parents work together and thereby create a unique atmosphere and learning culture. We encourage the curiosity and eagerness of children to learn and view things from an overall perspective. We consider it very important to create a loving environment in which individual talents, interests and cultural backgrounds of all children are taken into consideration and are encouraged. Our motto is learning to live and describes the enhancement of many different skills of a child as a whole. Naturally, we integrate communication of humanistic values at a high level.

German and English are integrated into the daily routine from year one by mother tongue teachers, and thus become natural to the children.

The basis for this is the implementation of the concept of early immersion. For thirty years, this method has been tried and tested in many countries around the world, but is regarded as innovative in Germany. Investigations show that an early start with immersion teaching produces the best results in achieving bilingualism and general academic performance. Children will not learn vocabulary lists, but will “dive” into the second language. At the same time, further modern languages can be chosen. Courses in Chinese are currently being offered.

BCS offers diverse and interesting activities as well as a unique afternoon programme with many different clubs enhancing children’s talents and interests.

We are looking forward to meeting you and your child.