Last modified: 9 July 2018

Further education for career changers and interested educators

As part of a summer school, 80 hours of further education are organized every year in two weeks in the summer.

  • Selected legal bases for child day care in the country of residence (here Berlin, Germany): Conventions for children’s rights, SGB VIII, KitaFöG, VOKitaFöG, QVTAG and RV Tag, in particular child protection, Berlin-wide registration form, duty of supervision and liability issues
  • Developmental psychology: social-emotional, sensory, cognitive, linguistic-communicative, motor development in early childhood, taking into account the inclusion of children of highly mobile families
  • Educational concept of BCS Kindergartens (playful learning): Berlin Education Programme (Bridging Diversity), Reggio Approach, Early Years Foundation Stage, Montessori Pedagogy, Waldorf Education, Mindfulness Education in the Aspects of Transdisciplinary Learning and Provocation of Learning
  • Observation: digital and analog documentation of milestones, identification of deltas in development and promotion of special talents
  • English and German language acquisition: language as a cultural form of expression and identity, other forms of communication, language development, language problems, everyday integrated linguistic education, the importance of and dealing with multilingualism, language observation and documentation – working with the language learning diary (Sprachlerntagebuch)
  • Educational partnership with highly mobile parents: legal foundations, methods of working with parents, familiarization, communication models, development discussions, variety of familial life forms, transition to elementary school in Berlin and other countries
  • Holistic forms of stimulation, support and promotion of child-related educational processes: activities in various educational areas (special focus is on musical, motor, science funding), education in everyday situations and in projects and excursions, significance of the play for child development and education processes as well as methodology
  • Designing framework conditions for early childhood education: daily routine, morning circle, eating and sleeping situation, material equipment, room concepts

Working with children under three years: participation in the crib, heuristic play, treasure baskets