Last modified: 9 July 2018

About Cosmo Academy

In an increasingly coalescing world, where global thinking, action and learning, peaceful coexistence and acceptance of different cultures has become an elementary good for the respectful self-realization of a generation, the Cosmo Academy in non-profit sponsorship of the EBS Europäische Bildungsstiftung (European Education Foundation) gGmbH (non-profit ) provides food for thought and advice to families while preparing diversity-sensitive educators for the education of children on an international mission.

For this we cooperate with the BCS Kindergarten & Preschool as a bilingual kindergarten in non-profit sponsorship.


About us

The Berlin Cosmopolitan Cosmo Academy was founded by the EBS Europäische Bildungsstiftung gGmbH in order to give international families comprehensive advice in modern education and to accompany family and professional development in an appreciative and family-centered way.

The Cosmo Academy Service Club is a formally organized group of people who, based on shared values, cultivate friendly relationships within the club while working together for the good of others; this mission relates to social, cultural and educational purposes. The BCS Service Club is cross-national and underlines the value and importance of international friendship.

This club supports ideologically and through financial monthly donations of the members in the education of culture-sensitive childhood educators and supports highly mobile families.

Mission & Vision

Our Mission: The Cosmo Academy is an ideological and financial supporter of

  • education for lifelong learning for innovative educators with a fundamental interest in cultural diversity in a changing community of values.
  • for places of support and exchange for highly mobile families seeking a respectful and empathetic education of their children.

Our Vision: We want to cultivate lifelong learning for a more respectful, enlightened and compassionate world.