BCS Website – Thank You, Cristina Schönpflug

We are very proud to present our new Berlin Cosmopolitan School website and would like to thank Cristina Schönpflug, who is responsible for the web design. We could not have done it without you!

New German Head of our bilingual Kindergarten & Preschool

Sandra Toszek is our new Head of the Berlin Cosmopolitan School’s Kindergarten & Preschool to complete the bilingual team together with Jennifer Lowe. BCS is very proud to have found such an experienced pedagogue for this position who knows our children so well and has fresh and vivid ideas. Welcome Sandra!

Exploration Time has started

In the beginning of this year, Berlin Cosmopolitan School introduced Exploration Time and it is a great success both on ground floor with the little ones as well as on first floor with the older children. During this time children can freely choose between different activities such as science, literacy, maths, visual arts, music and role-play.