Cosmo For Future Club printing

On Monday the 15th of October, for the first time this school year, the Cosmo for Future club held a tshirt printing session at school. Ne this time around was mask printing – although this proved more difficult than expected and we were not able to fill all the orders in the time available.

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Electrolysis of Water – HL Chemistry

IB Diploma students of our Higher Level Chemistry class are exploring the electrolysis of water. A pH indicator is used to allow for observation of pH changes around electrodes during the electrolysis.

Physics and Music Cross-Curricular Project

After studying the Physics of waves, our grade 8 students participated in a cross-curriculum project integrating Music and Physics. The students used Bluetooth microphones to record the wave form and length of various instruments. This led to finding the frequency and actual musical note. Instruments such as the guitar and double bass were found to have smooth, rounded wave forms, while instruments such as the triangle and trumpet were found to have sharp wave forms. Students were able to make strong connections between the frequency (Hz) range of their instruments and the notes that can be produced as well as analyzing intonation. 

BCS Preschool Teacher, Tabea, is in the Finals in the German TV Show, Famemaker!

BCS proudly announces that Tabea, Preschool Teacher, and her siblings Sophie and Lukas have made it into the finals with Team Teddy in the German TV Show Famemaker.  To view their audition, please visit:

To view their upcoming performance and VOTE for them, please tune in to ProSieben this Thursday, October 1st at 20:15.