La galette des rois at BCS: French Cultural Experience for Students

In January, 7th and 8th graders celebrated Epiphany in French class. They made an apple and a chocolate “galette des rois” , a traditional cake eaten in France at this time of the year. Melting the chocolate, grating the apples, mixing the dough, rolling out the puff pastry, everybody pitched in. According to the tradition, the youngest students went under the table to assign everyone a slice. Those who found the “fève” in their slice became the kings and queens of the day. Long live the kings and queens !

Finally here: Cosmo Swap for Second Hand School Clothing

School clothing is part of everyday school life at the Berlin Cosmopolitan School. It contributes to equal opportunities and justice in the community and reduces social pressure. The manufacturer Dress for School controls the quality and sustainability. However, this was not enough for parents, students and the school. So students implemented the online store Cosmo Swap for second-hand school clothes. The goal of Cosmo Swap is environmental sustainability in the clothing industry and social justice. The store is now accessible via or website or here!