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Lantern Festival in BCS Kindergarten

On Friday, November 9th, the BCS Kindergarten & Preschool celebrated St. Martin’s Lantern Festival where children, families and teachers came together to celebrate the tradition of sharing and exhibiting generosity within our community. Sharing one’s light is something that children begin to learn very early on in life. At BCS, we are fortunate to have a vital part in teaching the importance of sharing to children on a daily basis. From sharing a crayon to sharing a hug or kind word to a friend in need, it all begins as a child.

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BCS Kindergarten hosts Consortium

It was a pleasure for us to host a consortium of international school leaders from various educational ministries and schools this morning from the following countries: Mexico, Taiwan, Thailand, Australia, South Africa, Peru, Brazil, Kenya, Chile, Columbia, and Germany!

Presenting the BCS early years concept and current research in early years education followed by collaborating, reflecting and establishing international connections is empowering and enlightening.


Training grant by the European Union

The staff of BCS has been awarded a training grant by the European Union. The aim of the grant is to promote a unified, internationally-minded and respectful value system. Its goal is to enhance the constructive communication of our principles and ethics, by integrating social, emotional and personality development programs for our learners aged 11 months to 18 years. We seek to continually improve our institutional culture, based on democracy, dialogue, and peaceful communication.

Berlin Cosmopolitan School_Kindergarten_Preschool_Paed Exchange

Chinese Delegation Visit

BCS Kindergarten and Preschool graciously hosted a group of Chinese early years’ kindergarten heads and principals on Monday, 16th of April.  It was a pleasure to share with them the structure of BCS early years’ programming and to engage in pedagogical dialogue. Our hope is to continue to embrace the BCS Mission Statement of ”Nurturing lifelong learners for a more respectful, enlightened and compassionate world” by establishing and maintaining relationships with international institutions and colleagues.

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