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Sports-Day for Future

Friday, 6th May 2022 – You are invited to the Sports-Day for Future – BCS Kindergarten & Preschool

On Friday, 6th May, the BCS Kindergarten and Preschool will hold a „Sports-Day for Future”. You are cordially invited to cheer on the children in the adventures during the sports day.

This year, with our sports day, we will support planet earth by focusing the different activities on learning about the environment and how we can protect it. This theme was thought by the Cosmo for Future Student Club in our elementary and high school.

If you’ve been thinking about a commitment to the environment lately, you can put that to work during our Sports-Day. We would like to play football with you from 4:30pm to 5:15 pm that day. If you want to take part, please register at the reception of the kindergarten. Educators play against parents and carers! The kids will cheer on the teams by holding up protest signs at each goal to help planet earth.

For every goal, €10 will be donated to an environmentally friendly foundation (German Forest and Flowering Landscapes Foundation) and the children will vote at the event on how the money generated should be shared. No matter which team wins, Earth will win.

All activities take place in the immediate vicinity of the kindergarten at Invalidenstraße 130, 10115 Berlin.

We are looking forward to your coming.

Your Kindergarten Community

Cosmo For Future Celebrates New LED Lighting

The Cosmo for Future students campaigned last year to, among other things, have the inefficient old lights replaced with energy-saving LEDs. The first shipment arrived today and it spontaneously worked out that the club was meeting around the corner, so we took this photo.

Cosmo For Future Club printing

On Monday the 15th of October, for the first time this school year, the Cosmo for Future club held a tshirt printing session at school. Ne this time around was mask printing – although this proved more difficult than expected and we were not able to fill all the orders in the time available.

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“Cosmo for Future” Assembly February 11th

After weeks of planning, and with the support of members of the Hot Topic Club and Model United Nations, the Cosmo for Future environmental club organised the first student-led assembly in the BCS secondary school. Members of the club talked about their past activities, as well as showcasing their efforts to make the school more environmentally friendly. The Hot Topic Club showed a ‘BCSNBC Special Report’ based on a visit to the school by a representative of Klimaschutz in Kooperation ( and the Model United Nations held a debate on the question: ‘what should young people do about climate change?’. Finally there was a ‘quiz show’ staring the student representatives, with questions about what is being done to fight climate change around the world. All in all it was a very interesting and entertaining event – all of the students involved deserve a big round of congratulations!