During our school closure, BCS has successfully transitioned to a fully digital learning format. During these times we want to maintain as much normalcy as possible while being sensitive to our students’ individual emotional and academic needs.  

We are using Teams, from our usual Office 365 learning platform, which is part of our established digital learning toolkit. Our students are engaging in regular online lessons as scheduled in their usual timetable. Teachers are taking attendance at the start of lessons to help students structure their learning by engaging regularly in the normal scheduled timetable.

In addition to providing students regular assignments, teachers and students are engaging and collaborating digitally through written, voice and video means. We are monitoring student screen-time and providing offline work to promote balanced and varied learning.

Staff also continue to collaborate as usual through digital meetings ensuring our learning programs are being delivered according to the usual curricula. As requested by the Senat we will continue with our grade 10 and 12 final exams in cautious conditions, ensuring all students complete their respective programs with minimal disruption.

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