Berlin Cosmopolitan School, Theateraufführung "Nichts ist geschehen...!"

We invite all of the BCS community to this year’s theater performance „Nichts ist geschehen…!“ („Nothing has happened…!”) based on Max Frisch’s “Biedermann und die Brandstifter” on Thursday, June 6 in the auditorium of the Berlin Cosmopolitan School. There will be two performances: one at 3.15 pm and another at 6.30 pm. The play is suitable for people age 14 and older. Admission is free! We are looking forward to seeing you all!

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Berlin Cosmopolitan School_Europawahl 2019_U18

From May 23 to 26, the European Parliament will be elected for the ninth time in Europe. In Germany, citizens will be invited to the polling stations this Sunday, May 26. Last week, young people under the age of 18 were able to take part in the U18 European elections. BCS teacher, Mrs. Pietzner went with her ethics students to the polling station in Berlin-Mitte at the adventure playground.

Berlin Cosmopolitan School_Stasi prison_Etik_ethics_Secondary_Gymnasium

Our ninth-graders visited the Stasi prison “Memorial Hohenschönhausen” together with their ethics teacher, Mr. Wehrmeyer. The students were given a guided tour and asked many questions. Their main question was: Why were Stasi officers and prison guards not called to account after reunification?

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Berlin Cosmopolitan School_Musik_music_Komposition_Composer_Secondary_Gymnasium

How to become a composer? How to write an opera? How much time does it take? How does an idea develop? German composer Detlev Glanert gave answers to all those questions when he visited the BCS Music class in 11th grade. He brought not only the printed score of his latest opera “Oceane” that was recently premiered at Deutsche Oper Berlin – he also brought some sketches. In this way our students could learn how an initial inspiration takes its final shape.

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