Our BCS Flag Football Team won 1st place at the annual Halloween Bowl Flag Football Tournament on Saturday, November 2nd hosted by the Berlin Kobras American Football Team.
The team’s offensive game combined with a strong defense inevitably lead the team of coach Max to victory. It was a mixed tournament with youth and senior players. We are looking forward for the next Flag Football event.

Congratulations to Vincent, Keira, Ferdinand, Daniel, Yannick, Niklas and Coach Max.

We are pleased to announce that another grant proposal has been accepted and funded by the European Commission for Education.  We are excited for how this will allow us to continue professional development across all BCS departments and enhance collaboration between our staff members, parents and carers, and most importantly, our students.

For more information please click here.

We’re happy to announce that 30 of our staff members from the various BCS departments participated in a wellness retreat this past weekend focused on mindfulness and self care practices for educators at La Dersentina Guesthouse in Lalendorf, Germany.  We are fortunate to have secured the funding through one of our Erasmus training grants to provide this opportunity and look forward to the future ahead and what it brings for our BCS team.