It is a tradition that our music team organises a concert with members of the refugee community in Berlin.

Please join us for “One World, Many Voices” on

Thursday, January 30th at 5.15 pm

in our Concert Hall, Campus Rückerstraße.

The  “Ensemble without borders”, a collaboration of young BCS musicians and “Mit-Mach-Musik”, an organisation that helps refugee children to integrate through music will perform their new repertoire.

Some of our BCS students and teachers will also join the concert.

Please support this very special event by participating and donating to “Mit-Mach-Musik”.

We did it!!!

We have passed all three audits (kindergarten, school and BCFS GmbH as caterer) carried out by the DGE in December 2019 with flying colours.
BCS School and BCS Kindergarten to an incredible 100%, BCFS GmbH as caterer for kindergarten and school – to a proud 80%.
Our school received the award “School+Food=Grade 1” and our kindergarten can call itself a FIT-KID kindergarten for the next three years (until December 2022).
This means that both school and kindergarten offer a full range of lunchtime meals, which in the areas of food (quality and frequency), menu planning & production and living environment meet the requirements of the DGE quality standard for catering in day care facilities for children and in schools respectively.

Many thanks to all who made it possible!

Please find the certificates here: BCS School and BCS Kindergarten

Last week, Grade 9  performed experiments as part of the Science Days / International Junior Science Olympiad (IJSO). The students worked in groups to complete the tasks for the Olympiad. 

This year, the topic was “Ink”. Students investigated the chemistry of ink, how “ink killer” works, how to use ink in biology and physics experiments, and how to make ink using a 2000 year old recipe! 

Students’ reports on their experiments will be entered into the competition this year, with a chance to win advancement into the final international round taking place this year in Frankfurt. 

Aside from completing the IJSO tasks, the aim of the science days is to promote scientific research and experimental skills. Participation and group work are an integral part of the event. 

BCS_Science class_lab

The international team of Berlin Cosmopolitan School is looking forward to give all interested families an insight into our Primary and Secondary School on Wednesday, Februar 26 from 8:30 – 10:00 am at our main Campus Rückerstraße 9.

Please understand, we have a limited capacity of 50 participants and the event welcomes Grade 2 – 11 applicants. Due to an overwhelmingly high volume of applications for our upcoming Grade 1, we specifically do not focus on this grade level.

Welcome to BCS!