Last modified: 2 February 2022

Why are Arts & Crafts classes and clubs so meaningful for students?

Art and Design classes and Arts and Crafts clubs at BCS bring an opportunity for students to explore and express their ideas and self-identity in the context of a diverse and changing world. We ensure that even those who hadn’t considered themselves as natural artists find confidence in themselves as they re-define their concept of art, in an evolving digital climate. Their abilities are nurtured, as they develop both academic and non-academic skills in Art. Through art-making, students’ voices can be heard, and their skills enjoyed and appreciated.

What does Berlin Cosmopolitan School offer regarding Arts & Crafts?

For the students’ entire path through Primary to the end of Secondary, Art and Design classes are integrated with the curricula, with interdisciplinary projects across the subjects. This is to help students appreciate the relevance and application of art in life. All students are additionally offered an extremely wide array of techniques and art education through our Arts and Crafts clubs, that range from 3D printing across game-making, textiles, screen-printing, ceramics (with access to our kiln) and much more. We enjoy multiple annual exhibitions, events and gallery trips.

What do you do in Arts & Crafts for the different grades?

We offer both Abitur Bildende Kunst (in German) and the IBDP Visuals Arts (in English) for grades 11 and 12. The Primary Art lessons are taught in conjunction with the PYP and Secondary following the Berliner Rahmenlehrplan. All lessons are vertically articulated and carefully balanced, whilst also increasing technical and analytical skills in a positive, encouraging learning environment. Those looking towards taking Art and Design further in life are already encouraged in grades 9 and 10 to take our extra-curricular art clubs. The entire Art programme prepares students for the two final courses and to enter the world as well-rounded individuals.

Why does Arts & Crafts play an important role at Berlin Cosmopolitan School?

BCS has a particularly creative and diverse community of students and is located right in the heart of a vibrant cultural city, just around the corner from streets of galleries. Through art and innovation, students enlighten themselves to and engage with their cultural environment. In so doing, they foster their ability to become internationally-minded, and balanced life-long learners. 

Which successes are the students particularly proud of?

We have fostered successful artists, and professional photographers and are pleased to currently have alumni studying business fashion in New York, Fine-Art in Amsterdam, a freelance photographer in Berlin, and two working in curation, including of a recent, innovative ‘4D’ exhibition. BCS is particularly proud of Erika who was invited to exhibit in L.A. alongside the work of Yves Klein, and Leander whose film directing recently won the award for ‘Best International Thriller’ in the Austrian Film Festival.