Last modified: 14 October 2020

Our school year generally begins around September 1, therefore most students join BCS in September, but we are happy to admit students throughout the year provided that we have places available.

In general, admissions to our Primary and Secondary School is open to all students. The school can not however, accept students with poor scholastic and/or behavioral record.

Generally priority will be given to:

Siblings of BCS students
BCS Preschool children (priority over external applications)
International students

Admissions Criteria for Secondary School

BCS Secondary School only offers two classes per grade level and therefore spaces are limited. As we focus on sciences as well as music and arts, talented students with high academic performances, who are striving for professional careers in these areas will be given priority in the admissions process.

Generally all students applying to BCS Secondary School must have good to very good academic as well as positive behavioural and social records in order to be considered. In addition, their level of English and German should be at/close to mother tongue. French and Spanish are introduced as the second foreign language as of grade 5, therefore one of these two languages must also be spoken to a sufficient level. Individual Language Programmes support students with specific deficits in this area.