Last modified: 23 November 2020

Opening Kindergarten & Preschool: 2004

Opening Primary School (Grundschule Nr. 01P22): 2007

Opening Secondary School (Gymnasium Nr. 01P22): 2009

CEO/School Principal: Yvonne Wende

CCO: Randi Maria Impson

Common language spoken: English

Students per class: 18-22

Classes per grade level:  max. 2

Type of school: IB World School (all-day, non-profit)

Number of students 2020: more than 800 children and young people

Native & Foreign Language Development:

English, German, Spanish, French, Chinese & Korean

Curricula: IB PYP, IB Diploma Programme & Berlin State Curriculum

Opening Hours:

7:30 am – 6:00 pm

Extracurricular Programme:

Over 100 different clubs (Sports, Art, Science, Music, Dance etc.) as well as private music lessons, tutorials, study hall on offer