The 2nd Annual Moves and Grooves Concert is happening again this Monday,
May 14th. This time we are making it an outdoor event in the BCS Park with a Rain Date of Tuesday, May 14th. Last year we raised money for victims from the Japan earthquakes, this year we hope to donate to local children in need through SOS Kinderdorf.
Get ready for an exciting concert with performances from our rockbands, pop
choir, lyricist lounge, digital music club and more. There is also a rumour that
some of our very own teachers will also be performing. 

Mathematical Kangaroo is an international maths competition, with more than 40 countries taking part. Every year interested BCS students also have the chance to participate.

The competition is held annually on the third Thursday in March. According to the organizers, the key competence tested by the Kangaroo is logical combination, not just pure knowledge of formulas. Because of the rising popularity of the Mathematical Kangaroo in many participating countries, it is currently the most popular scholar maths competition: over 5,000,000 students from 47 countries took part in 2009.

We are very proud of our students taking part in this mathematical challenge.

The following bonus problem is an example of a Grade 3&4 Math Game of 2007. Can you solve it?

There were 60 birds on three trees. 6 birds flew away from the first tree, 8 birds flew away from the second tree, and 4 birds flew away from the third tree. After that, it turned out that the number of birds on each tree was the same. How many birds were there on the second tree in the beginning?

A) 26 B) 24 C) 22 D) 21 E) 20