BCS is proud to announce, that we are now official partner of the German Football Association (DFB). Together with the sports association Viktoria Mitte we take part in the project "Schule und Verein: gemeinsam am Ball!".

The project supports the promotion of club and school collaborations.

We would like to invite you to the Kiezfest im Weinbergspark on Wednesday, Sept 26, 4-7pm

This year´s Kiezfest is organised by the RAG (Regionale Arbeitsgruppe ) Obere Torststrasse with the participation of the Berlin Cosmopolitan School.
This collective is a group of social institutions and schools aiming to enhance the quality of life of children and youth livin
g in this area.
The Kiezfest offers many attractions and things to do for young and old people. Not only the BCS Lyricist Lounge will enter the stage for one of their outstanding performances!