Berlin Cosmopolitan School_Fußball_Mädchen_Turnier

On March 1st two teams of our school, BCS 1 (class 4-5 team) and BCS 2 (class 6) took part in the “District Round 2” in football. In the end, BCS 1 reached 6th and BCS 2 3rd place. Coach, Mr Conor Dower said afterwards: “Both teams played very well. They never gave up, which led to goals in the last minutes and exciting matches.” Well done, girls!

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Berlin Cosmopolitan School_Science_Naturwissenschaften_Gläsernes Labor

This week the students of Grade 10 spent two days at the Gläsernes Labor, located on the Campus Berlin Buch, where all students successfully completed two practical scientific workshops. In one of the workshops, students performed the method of extraction, amplification, and separation of DNA fragments that is widely used for DNA analysis, including in forensics and crime investigations, paternity testing, and identification of victims following major natural disasters.

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Berlin Cosmopolitan School_Social Studies_Sozialwissenschaften_KZ Gedenkstättenbesuch

As part of their social studies unit on Germany under the NS (Nazi) regime, the 9th grade spent the day visiting the former concentration camp at Sachsenhausen in Oranienburg on February 27.

“There, guides showed us around the memorial site, described the conditions of the camp and told stories from former prisoners. One of our guides told me after the tour that he had never had a group of this age that was so engaged, asking so many interesting questions”, reported social studies teacher, Mr Williams.

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Berlin Cosmopolitan School_Biology_Field Trip_Ausflug_Labor

On February 25th, 2019, students of grade 11 Biology courses (Leistungskurs of Abitur Program) carried out very exciting research experiments in the field of Neurobiology. The students investigated trans-mission of an electric signal from the synapses to the muscle fibers of muscles, when the muscles are contracted by electromyogram. 

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