Berlin Cosmopolitan School_Environment Protection_Primary_Secondary_Gymnasium_Grundschule

Yesterday, we had the honor to welcome Melati Wijsen and Gary Bencheghib in our school. Melati and Gary are two extraordinary and inspiring change makers, who influence the ecological movement worldwide. Melati is helping to clean up the Island of Bali. She founded Bye Bye Plastic Bags in 2013 at the age of 12 together with her younger sister Isabel, then 10 years old. Gary is founder of Make a Change World, a media outlet that uncovers uplifting and inspirational stories on a mission to do good.

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Berlin Cosmopolitan School_Naturwissenschaften_Science_Gymnasium_Secondary

Starting back into the school year, grade 9 spent three full days deeply contemplating the inner workings of eggs. Under the guidance of Ms Lawrence (Biology), Dr Samalikova (Chemistry) and Dr Oates (Physics), the annual Science Days give the 9th grade students a chance to perform science experiments without the time pressures experienced during a regular 90 minute class. Focus is placed on independent research and experimental planning.

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Berlin Cosmopolitan School_ALBA Grundschulliga_Basketball_Jungen und Mädchen

Our WK IV Mixed Team (grade 4-7) has achieved the second ranking at the ALBA Grundschulliga Basketball tournament before the Christmas Break on December 14. Coach Sven Wehrmeyer: “This is an amazing success for our school team and an automatically qualification for the next round in February.” Well done girls and boys!

Berlin Cosmopolitan School_Science_Naturwissenschaften_Secondary_Gymnasium

Pictures of the Analogue Photography project – making a pinhole camera and developing the emulsion paper using wet chemical processing. This was a collaborative grade 8 project between Art (Ms Zarins) and Physics. The theme for Art is currently “portraiture” and for Physics it is “optical devices”. The students developed the negative images first and then the positive images were subsequently produced.

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