Yvonne Wende_unternehmerin des Jahres_2018_19_Berlin

Yvonne Wende, Founder and Managing Director of Berlin Cosmopolitan School (EBS gGmbH) was awarded second place as “Berlin Entrepreneur of the Year 2018/19” on Friday, 2 November. This title was awarded for the eighth time and the winners were honoured by Economics Senator Ramona Pop (Green Party). First place went to Milena Glimbovski (Original Unverpackt) and Constanze Buchheim (i-potentials) third. Congratulations to Yvonne Wende for this special award and congratulations to all three Berlin entrepreneurs of the year!

Berlin Cosmopolitan School_Basketball_ALBA_Secondary_tournament

The first BCS Girls Basketball Tournament of this school year at the ALBA Berlin Oberschulliga took place this week. The young team lost two matches against very talented schools and won one match vs. Phorms School with 9:1, said Mr. BCS Basketball coach, Mr. Sven Wehrmeyer. “It was a great atmosphere within the team. We will improve and come back”, he emphasized right after the tournament.

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Berlin Cosmopolitan School_StMartin_Lichterfest_Kindergarten_Vorschule_Preschool

On Friday, November 9th, the BCS Kindergarten & Preschool celebrated St. Martin’s Lantern Festival where children, families and teachers came together to celebrate the tradition of sharing and exhibiting generosity within our community. Sharing one’s light is something that children begin to learn very early on in life. At BCS, we are fortunate to have a vital part in teaching the importance of sharing to children on a daily basis. From sharing a crayon to sharing a hug or kind word to a friend in need, it all begins as a child.

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