School of the Cosmopolitans

„The Berlin Cosmopolitan School lives diversity.”

I came to Germany in 2017 as a seventeen years old teenager and lived alone, after leaving my family and country, Afghanistan. At that time, my educational future looked to be in a not-so-good place. Despite having my school documents from Afghanistan, I wasn’t able to attend normal classes and was told to repeat two years before joining secondary school. That’s when I heard about Berlin Cosmopolitan School offering IB Course, which was taught in English. I thought I might not have any chance of getting admission. I had a wrong perception of BCS being a private school only for rich people. But after visiting the school and talking to the admissions director, my hopes for a better education rose. Despite not having a proper residency permit and not being able to pay any tuition fee, the school offered me a two years scholarship. 

For me, it meant a lot. BCS not just offered me a great secondary education but also gave to the chance to make friends, learn self-worth and become the person I am today. 

I have been supported by teachers and administrations staffs throughout the IB course, both with issues regarding my education and other issues such as residency. I am currently studying Computer Science through a dual study program and working at Bayer AG, which I got to know through an internship program offered by the school. 

BCS has a unique educational environment. With their scholarship program, the school has helped many students to get high-end education. BCS lives diversity in its true meaning. Not only there are students from many different countries, but they all also come from different financial backgrounds.

Hamid Omar

“The best that has happened to us in this country.”

We are a Syrian family. Our two children, Angela (Grade 11, Abitur) and Jony (Grade 5) attend the Berlin Cosmopolitan School. We came from Syria to Germany, Berlin, in 2015.

Back then everything in this city and this country was difficult and complicated. And depressing: From the search for accommodation, the large amount of papers, the social changes and the fear of the unknown future. It was a lot of pressure for us until we found the school and a place for our daughter Angela.

Suddenly everything was so easy with the help of the Berlin Cosmopolitan School. The school took care of everything, even the papers. In addition to being free, the school provided all the support and facilities to enable Angela to begin her academic life at the speed she needed.

The result was a happy child who was indistinguishable from her new friends. Years later, when her brother started first grade, the school greeted him the same way. And now, in 2021, we as a family feel that the best thing that has happened to us in this country is for our children to study at the Berlin Cosmopolitan School. We thank the school from the bottom of our hearts for being there for us. We will never forget what you gave us.

Kind regards,

Family Daoub

We Wish You a Merry Christmas!

This year comes to an end and we would like to acknowledge the last 12 months as our time to connect consciously with nature. All the connections our students, kids and team made with nature let us grow towards becoming more appreciating and empathetic towards ourselves, others, nature and the world. We are looking forward to strengthening these efforts even more in 2022.

Thank you very much for engaging with us! It’s Christmas in nature and at Berlin Cosmopolitan School!

Scholarships made it possible

We are originally from Damascus, Syria, and since 2015 we live here in Berlin because of the war and the unstable situation in the Middle East. It is a sad situation as everybody knows, war can take a lot of your life, not only your jobs and home, it can take also your friends, neighbors and loved ones from your family.

One moment you will see and recognize your big losses, and you will be lucky to reach the other side of the Mediterranean, with nothing but your family – your complete family and no one is missing.

Our family is everything to us, and we were lucky to safely arrive in Berlin in the middle of the night with them, and with the hope that God will open new doors for us and for the future. And it was like that. With his will and with good friends from Berlin, we got to know the Berlin Cosmopolitan School community with its wonderful families from all over the world.

It became our new family. Due to generous scholarships, our lovely two daughters are visiting the school ever since. They got a new chance for a normal life and to work towards a better future.

Today we have real friends at the school, and also our daughters. Until now we are so lucky to receive help and advice from the school. Every time we turn to the school asking for help, we receive more than we asked for, it is amazing.

For us Berlin Cosmopolitan School is a gift and a blessing, and our family was saved because of good people working for this school, and from all of their hearts, with a very positive energy trying to support all students and stand by the families.

Family Sarah